Trauma and sports medicine

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The SportClinique owes it beginnings to the coming together of professional experts with proven experience in the sports medicine field. They have formed a multi-discipline team specializing in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all the pathologies linked to both competitive and amateur sports activities.

Our SportClinique offers to each, single athlete and to sports associations a highly specialized reference point for the exhaustive resolution of problems linked to sports activities. We issue medical fitness certificates, for competitive and non-competitive sport, offer a 24h on-call specialist service, preferential diagnostic programs, innovative arthroscopic techniques, customized post-trauma rehabilitation plans. This allows us to take charge of the athlete, from the trauma to the total reconstruction of the athletic movement.

Our SportClinique guarantees the athlete’s return to his/her competitive activity within the shortest possible time and in the same state of health as before the accident. This is possible thanks to the prompt intervention of professional specialists, trained in sports traumatology and also to state-of-the-art imaging techniques providing precise and rapid diagnosis and accurate therapeutic or surgical solutions.

Our corporate philosophy is based on promptness, fast tracks for athletes, 24h on-call specialists, ultra-modern technology and equipment. 

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